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Just lliked this article so that to share it with you all, as it’s of one of the blogger have written in AOL India Blogs about the movie Jodhaa Akbar in a very classy way:

To borrow the famous words of Mel Brooks,”The Legend had it coming”. At least it deserved a perspective from one of our best film makers.

Another two weeks before the might of the Mughal Empire unleashes on a Cinema screen near you.
And for the majority who is apt to get confused at the whole premise of AKBAR the GREAT and this Rajput Princess “thingy”, better ruffle through those old history textbook pages once again, if you can find them, that is.
It shouldn’t matter anyways.

For the rest who scream from the nearest fort ramparts about how Ashutosh Gowariker is shortchanging history and manipulating facts to his own interests, I say, please give him a break.
He has proved to be a great story teller, and a fine craftsman of the Silverscreen and if he wants to tell you a story in his own terms, let him do it.

Knowing Ashutosh Gowariker and his portfolio of fine craftsmanship, JODHA-AKBAR wouldn’t be disappointing. I am hoping that my wait was worth it. AR Rahman’s music that seems to be flowing at you from every second FM station these days doesn’t seem to disappoint you. Though as far as Ashutosh’s handful of movies are considered, the music played its part in the entire movie and then kept quiet. The stress was on the wholesome movie and not on the “item” numbers which usually are marketed as by-products of the main movie.

For those who came into the history classes late, or have never ever attended it once, arguably(after all, it wouldn’t be history if we didn’t, get it.) Jodha Bhai was the daughter of King Bharmal who gives away her daughter in marriage to young Jalaluddin, who makes his valiant presence felt in the battlefield, and is soon to be crowned and be known as Akbar the Great.

In keeping with the traditions based on the social customs and conditions of those times, marriages were more political alliances than “suitable”matches, and they kept the entire machinery of the Hindustan’s splintered royalty chugging on smoothly.

Seen as a prequel to Mughal-e-Azam, everything that has been done to Jodha-Akbar has been done in a grand scale or maybe, in Ashutosh Gowariker’s way of translating opulence. I always shiver at the prospect of those period drams that graced our silverscreen in recent times, and the apprehensions are still there, restless, but they have been unceremoniously banished to the back of my mind.

The last one that came in during Diwali(not exactly of the epic variety,but the marketing mandarins were adamant!), in an arresting blue afterglow, and spelling out opulence in big, large, cringing NEON from its every set, had me fleeing the Cinema. And that from another acclaimed Director.

For Hrithik Roshan, this is an “epic role”of a lifetime(though I am wondering what would best describe his role as Gautam Buddha for Shyam Benegal’s next project).

This also happens to be Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan’s first release post wedding, so it gains all the more gravitas as it naturally attains the grand inertia of the the First Family of Bollywood. Mme Rai’s last foray into an epic was to say the least “scathing”.

Maybe its just the beginning of epic roles for Hrithik.

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